Trudie Teijink
Installation overview Installation overviewInstallation overviewInstallation overviewInstallation overviewInstallation overviewAlptraumAlptraumSoccer GameVanitas plus Null and VoidNull and VoidVanitas Vanitas plus Toil, Grind, Twine and SagToil, Grind, Twine and Sag Detail Toil, Grind, Twine and SagDetail Toil, Grind, Twine and SagWrapped UpBuoyantClose Up Buoyant
Maelstrom at Eisentrager Howard Gallery at University of Nebraska Lincoln, 2010
This work is a confrontation with the conflict between our everyday activities, and the fleetingness of our existence. We are dragged through time and through space, but ultimately we are unavoidably lost in a swirl of oblivion. Given this dissonance I questioned the meaning of our everyday activities. Can we find satisfaction with what we do? And why do we even do it? The case I try to make is largely referring to myself, which gives my work an undeniable autobiographical component.